Five Advantages of Commercial Roof Coatings

advantages of roof coatings.pngRoof coatings are a fast-growing market in the roofing industry. There’s no mistake of this upward trend. When installed correctly on a new or existing roof, coatings can provide added durability, extended roof service life, energy savings and it avoids the expense of a full roof tear-off and replacement.

Under the right conditions, some coating systems are as good as or even better than the original roof. Here are five reasons why you need to consider coatings for your roof system.

1. Seamless Waterproofing

Roof coatings are seamless which limit areas in which water can seep in. For optimal roof coating performance and waterproofing, the current roof must be thoroughly cleaned and dried with all current leaks, wet insulation, and roof deck damages must be resolved before coating application. Coatings may be able to seal pinhole leaks, which are holes not visible to the naked eye, and it will prevent future leaks after coating application.

2. Economical

A standard flat roof that is not coated can last up to 10 years. The addition of a protective coating can give the roof another 10 years. Coatings can help to avoid the staggering cost of tearing off and replacing an uncoated roof system. An estimated cost of the coating is $4.25 per square ft. vs. $15 per foot for a full roof replacement. A re-coating takes less time and budget than a re-roof every 10 years. Rebates may be available on roof coatings as they are considered a maintenance product. Check your coating manufacturer for details.

3. Energy Efficient Reflectivity

Besides the cost benefits, energy efficiency is one of the most popular reasons to consider coating your roof system. Roof coatings protect your roof by reflecting a majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays and heat away from the building. The building remains cooler by absorbing less heat. The other “green” benefits of roof coatings are the elimination of landfill waste caused by roof tear-offs, lower toxic emissions during installation, and contributes toward LEED credits with its Energy-Star ratings.

4. Performance

When you coat your existing roof system, you can avoid a total roof replacement for up to 20 years.  Coating systems are normally warranted for 10 years. With proper maintenance, a coated roof can be power washed and recoated to gain a new 10 year warranty. Coatings protect your roof membrane, receiving the impact of sunlight, rain, hail and physical damage. They are durable in extreme weather conditions and moderate ponding water. There is no worry of lift-off in high winds because of its strong adhesive and seamless design.

5. Minimal Business Interruptions

With a roof replacement and tear-off, the cost to your business is more than just materials and labor. It also affects your business’s productivity with the noise, dust and other inconveniences. Roof coating applications involve little or no noise at all, and the process often takes less than a day.

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