18 Ways to Upgrade your Apartment Property (without breaking the bank)

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Apartment renters want a space that is modern and spacious without having to spend a lot of money for it. Renters want more for less and property managers are no different. You want your property to appeal to potential renters, but you don’t want to break the bank to do so.

Set yourself apart from your competition with some simple upgrades you can do to your units without investing a lot of time, money, and labor into getting it done.

  1. Fresh paint – Breathe life into your unit with complementary colors that are modern but not too trendy. Greys and neutral blues are popular choices.
  2. Hardware upgrades – Classy doorknobs and unique drawer and cabinet handles can make your units stand out.
  3. Accent wall – Add a memorable touch to any room by painting one wall a vibrant color.
  4. Replace countertops - Consider refreshing outdated countertops.
  5. Update landscape and outdoor signage – Your property will look inviting and well-maintained.
  6. Ensure adequate outdoor lighting for safety – This could be an essential aspect for your renters. A well-lit parking lot could be a deciding factor.
  7. Add blinds to units – This small touch could make the unit seem less unfinished.
  8. Consider technology upgrades – By adding smart thermostats or smart lighting, you add value to your property.
  9. Flooring – A hardwood flooring, laminate or carpet upgrade can make all the difference.
  10. Update showerheads – A great showerhead can mean a relaxed and refreshed start to the day for some renters.
  11. Update lighting fixtures - Updating a lighting fixture can enhance the look of any room.
  12. New balcony railings – Peeling, rusted, and worn-down railings look unmaintained and unsafe.
  13. Thorough cleaning – Dingy, dusty, and poorly maintained rooms can turn off any potential occupant. Invest some effort in deep-cleaning any unoccupied unit.
  14. Update appliances – Updated refrigerators, microwaves, and other appliances never go unnoticed and will be a significant factor in a renter’s purchase decision.
  15. Refresh your siding – Repair or replace your current siding to enhance curb appeal and give your property an eye-catching appearance.
  16. Replace the roof – If in your budget, a new roof can give renters the peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe from potential water damage.
  17. Add insulation – Increasing your building’s insulation can increase your renters home comfort and the efficiency of your avoid heating and cooling units.
  18. Energy-efficient HVAC systems or laundry units – Some potential renters seek out energy-efficient facilities, especially if utilities are not included in the monthly rental fee.

Any updates you make to your units sends a message that you are invested in your property, no matter how small of a change you make. Consider sending out a survey to your current renters asking what upgrades would be most important to them. The survey responses can help you know where to invest your budget in the areas that will attract new occupants and help you generate future income.  

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