12 Creative Window Decorating ideas for Christmas

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At Christmas, windows are one of the least utilized decorated spaces. Some people place a candle on the window sill, maybe throw up some clings or hang up a wreath and then they're done. But this year it doesn’t have to be the same old decorations. Step up your game with these ideas. Many people spend so much time looking out of windows, especially during the first snowfall of the year. Let’s give them something extra special to peek at this year with these 12 creative window decorating ideas.

  1. The more the merrier – if you have a large bay window or picture window, hang multiple evergreen wreaths and center horizontal across the set of windows. This creates a classy and simple look.
  2. Let it snow – Use a white window marker to draw snowflakes or white snow dots on your awning windows. If you’re artistic, draw a snow scene all in white.
  3. Get scrappy – Use leftover wrapping paper or festive fabric scraps to cut out large ornament shapes, hang them from ribbons in front of your windows.
  4. Rustic style – Pretty up a casement window by hanging a tree branch horizontally across your window with ribbon. Then hang various large ornaments from the branch.
  5. Make use of that window box– Fill a window box with evergreen branches or garland and place super-sized Christmas balls on top for a whimsical look.
  6. Candy cane lanes – Perfect for a sliding window over your kitchen sink, or any window will do. Hang candy canes on ribbon in front of the window. Extra points if you drape an evergreen garland across the top of the window to complete the look.
  7. Beads and baubles – Dress up any double-hung window by draping Christmas-themed beaded garland over curtain rods for an elegant touch.
  8. Rowing along – If you have a large picture window or sliding glass door, hang a row of wreaths on a curtain rod.
  9. Pining for Christmas – Paint pine cones festive colors and hang from curtain rods with ribbon in various lengths.
  10. Counting down – Use your windows to string up your advent calendar.
  11. Cutting corners– Cut evergreen tree shapes or little snow-covered houses in white paper, adhere to corners of your windows.
  12. Hung with care - If you don’t have a mantel, your window may be the perfect place the hang your stockings.

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